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My Bake Shop

Terese Roth, Owner of Allyson A Bake ShopI've loved baking for as long as I can remember. My mother loved to bake, and was such an extraordinary baker that I named my bake shop in her memory. In fact, that little girl's picture in the image below, that's my mom! And that lovely rolling pin, well, that was hers too.

I spent most of my career as an Emergency Medicine physician, so my passion for baking had been constrained by the challenges of balancing a high stress profession with raising a family. And while it was rewarding to help people in the ER in their most difficult moments, I now find it even more rewarding to help make people happy in their best moments -- whether it's a family celebration, a gathering of close friends or a critical business meeting.

I aim to provide a premium, homemade experience that simply cannot be replicated by bigger bakeries or by manufactured baked goods. I'm constantly refining my recipes and baking techniques to optimize each product. Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated to help make each product even better.

I hope you enjoy the products at my bake shop in Mount Dora, and that you tell all your friends about the great experience you have. And if your experience ever falls short of your expectations, please contact me so I can make it right.

Terese Roth